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While income from tuition covers salaries and operational expenses, we depend on gifts received through the Friends Academy Fund, our annual giving campaign, to ensure that our students and teachers have the things that make Friends Academy so special. The Friends Academy Fund also allows us to take on larger and broader goals, such as supporting faculty development, improving arts and athletic programs, and introducing new initiatives such as 3-D printing.

With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce a new option to manage your support for the Friends Academy Fund: recurring giving. This option allows you to spread your gift throughout the year with automated monthly contributions. You might not feel the impact of a manageable contribution, such as the cost of a dinner out once a month, but we will.

At Friends Academy, the little things really do add up. Your contribution to the Friends Academy Fund -- big or small, one time or monthly -- goes a long way. Every gift matters, and every gift truly helps us provide the very best experience for your child.

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